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Youth Highlight: Sakaia Hampton

Tell me a little about yourself:

My name is Sakaia. I am in 8th grade at George B. McClellan Elementary School

Tell me about your involvement at IPL:

I've been coming to the Institute for Positive Living for about 7 years, so I basically grew up here with a lot of the other kids.

What programs are you a part of at IPL?:

I am a part of choir and the radio recording program. My favorite program is recording because we all have set roles and I'm the producer. As the producer, I write a lot of interview questions about things that are affecting our community like crime, education, and issues going on at school.

How do you think IPL has been a positive influence on the community?:

I think this program is positive because it keeps kids from getting in trouble after school by providing jobs and programs. Also there are some young people who may not have food to eat and Institute for Positive Living provides them with a meal.

What are your future goals?:

In the future I would like to be a brain surgeon because I want to understand how the brain functions.

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